About Disciple3

Disciple 3 (d3) exists to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  In short; to love God, myself, and others and to then go and make disciples who make disciples.  In other words Spiritual Reproduction!  This was and is Jesus mega strategy for reaching the entire world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has raised up d3 to be a ministry of MULTIPLICATION—not addition.  Mature men and women of God who are reproducing mature men and women of God.  (2Timothy 2:2; John 17).

In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus establishes his authority and then instructs His disciples to go and make disciples.  This was not a suggestion or option but a direct COMMAND!

All true Biblical followers of Jesus are commanded to make disciples who make disciples.

We want to be a resource to help you with a structure and tools that will enable you to get started making disciples.